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to drink. thank you to everyone who responded. before you go, we've been showing prom photos. prom season is almost here. we wanted to share some of ours with you. we saw heather's earlier in the week. now we have someone else who looks familiar. mine. a few years ago. you're being very generous. thank you. >> "fox & friends" starts now. goodbye. >>gretchen: he made it to the middle of the week. good morning everybody. today is wednesday. it's may 15. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us. the i.r.s. plot to conservative no longer limited to a couple of cubicles. today more of the real story coming out. not only were superiors involved. the names of several top senators could be tied to this as well. >>steve: meanwhile president obama claims outrage after reading the i.r.s. report. but you may be outraged too when we tell you how one of his own family members got
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a special i.r.s. deal on our dime. brian? >>brian: victoria's secret is slamming this former angel for exposing the sometimes ugly side of the industry this morning. she's here to defend herself and we'll hear what she has to say. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> i wake up every morning to "fox & friends." >>steve: good morning, paula deen. good morning, america. >>brian: yesterday you watched two press conferences back to back as if they were scheduled like it was skraoeps week. you have -- like it was sweeps week. you have jay carney and eric holder answering two explosive stories that continue to evolve. >>steve: a lot of people asked a lot of questions and jay carney didn't give many answers, unfortunately. >>brian: yet there were conclusions already made to the things he said he wasn't sure about.
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>>gretchen: yes. has the press been awakened? that's the big question. while we're thinking about that, let's do some headlines. leaders of the panel that investigated the terrorist attack in benghazi now offering to testify. the work of diplomat thomas pickering and former joint chiefs chair mike mullen has come under fire. they were in charge of the accountability review board, facing tough questions now about failing to interview key witnesses. then secretary of state hillary clinton who was absolved of any wrongdoing. meanwhile former defense secretary donald rumsfeld the obama administration ever blamed the video. >> i can't imagine how a person could stand up there when everyone involved knew it was a terrorist attack, it was the anniversary of 9/11. the people were not demonstrators. they were well-armed. >>gretchen: ambassador susan rice went on five sunday talk shows, as you know, after the attack and blamed the video.
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>> james bond would have been ashamed. an american diplomat accused of being a spy ordered out of the country. a third secretary at our embassy was caught with a spy kit suitable for a ten-year-old, wearing a really bad blonde wig. you see it on him there. wait until you see when he stands up. i hope we have that. russia claims he tried recruiting a russian intelligence officer. fogel has been handed over to the u.s. embassy. he has diplomatic immunity that protects him from arrest. the state department only says he is an embassy employee. >> o.j. simpson expected to take the stand today. he says his lawyers botched his defense in the 2008 las vegas armed robbery case that landed him a prison sentence of 9 to 33 years. now he wants a new trial. he did score a small victory the second day in court. instead of being fully restrained the judge allowed him to have one hand free to take notes and drink water. juror number seven
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caroline kennedy set to sit on a trial of an accused manhattan track dealer. the former first daughter picked despite having ties to the prosecutor on the case who once taught her children tennis. kennedy assured it would not affect her judgment. the trial is expected to last about a week. those are your headlines. i always wanted to be a juror? >>steve: really? >>gretchen: yes. >>steve: you'll eventually get called. >>gretchen: i've been called in connecticut and new york. eight months pregnant in new york and the trial is going to last four months. i'm like this isn't going to work for me. >>brian: that's how you got out of it? that's how you got eliminated? >>gretchen: yes. the belly was a dead give-away. >>steve: don't judge. let's wait until they figure out whether or not criminal activity happened here. it's interesting, we heard the i.r.s. thing where they targeted conservatives. it was out of a little office, probably a single cubicle at the i.r.s. office in cincinnati operated by a few rogue
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agents; right? now we're learning more and more. for instance, there is a fellow who runs the linchpin's liberty, which is a tea party group in tennessee. he says that he was told by an i.r.s. agent in cincinnati that they were actually receiving information on how to screen tea parties from superiors, presumably in washington. so this wasn't a few rogue agents in cincinnati. >>gretchen: it's not just tea party or patriots or corporations or nonprofits who were trying to get status with those particular buzzwords. could this now become a much bigger issue? that it was actually people who supported republicans in general? could it be that some of the top donors to mitt romney are also on this list? at least one of them has come forward to say that he believes he was also targeted. >>brian: i give credit to lois lerner said we shouldn't have done that. i don't know why we were targeting that. she also went on to say she wasn't good at math which is interesting for the
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person charged. that's fantastic. then they go on to say -- the acting commissioner steve miller says in an op-ed today, mistakes were made but there was no political or partisan motivation. >>steve: when it comes to partisan, we're seeing all the senators run to the microphone this is terrible. republicans and democrats; right? what's interesting is over the last three years senate democrats have actually gone and they said to the i.r.s., you've got crack down on the tea party because they're getting stuff they shouldn't get. for three years the democrats in the senate have cracked down on them. karl rove has a litany of what they have said in the past, and here he is with hannity last night. >> in 2010, max baucus, the democrat senator from montana and chairman of the powerful senate finance committee that oversees the treasury department, wrote a letter to the director of the i.r.s. saying, go
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investigate these kind of groups. we had chuck schumer, who has been stirring around this for a number of years, by 2012, he goes out and gets a similar tough letter to the head of the i.r.s. saying "look into these groups." he gets six other democrats to join him in signing the letter. michael bennett of colorado, chairman of the democratic campaign committee. al franken, shaheen of new hampshire, tom udall of new mexico and sheldon whitehouse of rhode island saying you better look into these kind of groups and stop them or else. maybe these low-level bureaucrats aren't so low level and maybe they were influenced by democrats in the congress writing them letters saying take on these groups or else you're going to face the consequences in front of us. >>gretchen: so many unanswered questions, but here i think is one of the most central issues is that it could become criminal.
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it's one thing to say that they were targeting them and slowing down on purpose, giving status to these types of organizations. it's a whole other thing when the f.b.i. launched an investigation into this because of this. criminal activity. there are now groups, progressive leading groups saying this information, this private information submitted by these patriot and other types of organizations was given to them. their private information was given -- >>brian: that propublica group. >> that's criminal activity. that brings it to a new level. there was information in nine organizations. >>brian: i've got to give credit to that organization that said for some reason they gave us information we didn't ask for. they actually did list it. they came forward and said it's not right. you know what? i think people are very aware the shoe could be on the other foot very shortly unless this thing is cracked down on. >>steve: we understand
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there is a story out this morning that apparently there were close to 500 applications from right-wing organizations that were scrutinized by the i.r.s. i think the number is 471. there was one agent in cincinnati who was dealing with all that. on average, some of these conservative groups have had to wait three years to get the special exemption, the tax-exempt status. however, if you are the half brother to the president of the united states, you could have gotten a special deal -- here is his picture right there. malik obama. his -- it's been described by a caller as a shady operation which operated illegally for years. he wound up getting clearance from the i.r.s. in one month. not three years. one month. half brother of the president. >>gretchen: last night president obama released a statement because they said he finally had time to read up on everything about this story. he said i have now had the opportunity to review the treasury department
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watchdog's rortd, et cetera, et cetera and all the report's findings are intolerable and inexcusable. >>brian: he got that too from senator harry reid. >>steve: he's going to have jack lew fix it. >>gretchen: brad pitt speaking out after his fiancee revealed she had a preventive double mastectomy for the sake of their children. >> good. brad pitt breaking his silence about his longtime partner's decision to have that double mastectomy. he praised the love of his life saying -- quote -- "all i want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our children. this is a happy day for our family." having witnessed this decision, absolutely heroic. angelina jolie underwent the radical procedure after learning she carried the brca-1 gene mutation. as a result of the surgery, jolie's chances of
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developing breast cancer dropped from 87% to less than 5%. her mom died of ovarian cancer at the age of 66. meantime pit's show of support for his fiancee came as hospitals around the country saying they are being bombarded from calls from women who now want to be tested for the brca-1 gene. the silver lining there. sources are saying the ordeal is making jolie reconsider any decisions she had about marrying pitt and plans for a wedding should happen sooner rather than later. >>brian: whenever they get married, we'll be there. >>gretchen: you'll be invited too? >>brian: right after jennifer aniston. probably right after that. >>steve: 11 minutes after the hour. collecting taxes is not the i.r.s.'s only job. it is also supposed to enforce obamacare. can we really trust the agency to do that right? oh, stuart varney. >>brian: how much do you
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want to walk right now, stuart? >>gretchen: wanting to lower the limit for drunk driving. soon just one drink might be too much. so what do you think about that? ♪ ♪ oh, what a lucky man ♪ he was
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>>brian: glad you're finally up. i've been shaking you for ten minutes. collecting taxes not the i.r.s.'s only job. it is also supposed to enforce obamacare and the individual mandate. the agency, good luck with obamacare care, stuart varney. congratulations. they have to come down on a program no one can figure out but they're going to be the watchdog. >> the i.r.s. is going to police obamacare. on your tax return next year, you have to tell the i.r.s. exactly which insurance company is covering you health-wise, what kind of insurance you've got and how much you spent on health care outside of your health insurance coverage. all that goes into the i.r.s. computer. they are the police force for obamacare. at precisely the same moment doctors must now put on electronically your entire medical history. so you've got a parallel path here. you've got the i.r.s. looking at your health
3:17 am
insurance, doctors putting on-line your health history. we're meant to trust that the i.r.s. will not jump over that line and look at your personal medical history when they so desire for political advantage. >>brian: we also know this morning that a left-leaning organization got from the i.r.s. documents about conservative groups they put on their website but also said i didn't ask for these, and the i.r.s. gave me these. >> you can't trust the i.r.s. politically. can you trust them with your health records? that's why there is a backlash against obamacare and the implementation of obamacare. that backlash is running through the i.r.s. you've got represent dean heller, republican of nevada, he wants to stop the i.r.s. from hiring 1,954 agents, new agents full-time. he wants to stop that so that they can't oversee obamacare. we've got representative diane black, republican tennessee, she wants to stop the i.r.s. being the police force for obamacare.
3:18 am
so these scandals are beginning to have a financial impact, especially on obamacare. >>brian: let's end on positive news. the budget deficit will be $200 billion less than we originally thought. i think that's great. what i'm concerned about is now we're not going to get into that fiscal discipline. >> the deficit is going to be $642 billion for this year. >>brian: way too high. >> but a lot less than we thought it was going to be. i guess you could call that good news. that's part of the reason why the stock market keeps going up and up. but it's still way too high and it's still the fifth-largest deficit in the history of the united states. >>brian: i hope we still feel the urgency to get our budget in order. and i always feel the urgency to put you on, staoufrbtd. -- put you on stuart varney. stuart varney varney 9:20 another network. don't ever square off with me. give me that shoulder.
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straight ahead, victoria's secret is slamming a former angel for giving the ugly side of the industry. this morning she's here to defend herself. >> disgraced congressman anthony weiner about to put the final piece of the puzzle on the comeback. is that true? [ male announcer ] dunes, desert, or trail, only rzr delivers. now's the time to buy during the polaris xp sales event. take your pick of our new limited edition rzrs and get financing as low as 2.99 percent. save even more with rebates up to 500 dollars... or totally customize your new rzr
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>>steve: quick headlines for you right now. disgraced former democrat congressman anthony weiner, pictured there on twitter, is ready to announce he's running for mayor of new york city. "the new york post" reports
3:23 am
he -- mr. weiner -- could make it official as early as next week. he resigned from congress after sending out lewd pictures of himself on twitter to some women. prince harry wrapping up his u.s. trip today in connecticut at a polo match in greenwich, connecticut. yesterday he toured the boardwalk in seaside heights, new jersey. there he is with the governor. that's where crews tore down this roller coaster that had been steroid by -- that had been destroyed by sandy. its replacement ride will be called the superstorm. gretch, over to you. >>gretchen: from runway model to role model, this former victoria's secret angel breaking her silence telling the world how god opened her eyes and told her to leave the beauty industry behind. kylie bisutti, author of a book "i'm know angel" is my guest this morning. "i'm no angel."
3:24 am
people will be shocked. she won this big competition, 10,000 women. you had your chance to walk the catwalk and then you said this is not for me. why? >> a number of things happened to lead me to that point. and i talk about them all in my book. but some of the most important things to me is really for the young girls out there, i don't want to be the type of role model girls look up to and think they have to be as thin as me and have the big hair and all of that to feel beautiful. i know with my younger cousin, she was feeling like she had to throw up her food to feel pretty like me, and i realized there's tons of young girls out there just like her. that's the kind of role model i was setting for them. that's the kind of example. >>gretchen: i think she was only eight years old at the time. my daughter is nine. as a mother you think about
3:25 am
how you're developing that child and what's important and what you ultimately decided was that building self-esteem from the inside was what you wanted to give to young girls as a role model? >> yes, it is. that's what i focus on in all of my speaking engagements when talking to younger girls. >>gretchen: it's interesting because you claim in your book that victoria's secret encouraged you to hook up with celebrities even though they knew that you were married. they are now calling that this morning fabrications, misstatements about their brand. how would you respond back to them? >> you know, i know that they made these claims without ever even reading my book. and i believe that their claims were based on what the media put forth. the media said that i was slamming them tpho my -- slamming them in my book. my book is mainly about body issues. things that happened to me when i was 14 when i first got involved in the industry and everything
3:26 am
that led me up to this point, and it's really a book for teen girls and young girls to help them with their inner beauty, their body image issues. one out of five girls right now have an eating disorder and that breaks my heart. >>gretchen: that is a huge issue. i know originally you said i might do more wholesome modeling but now you've given that up too? >> yes, i have. i want to walk the talk and talk the walk. >>gretchen: kylie bisutti, much success on your book "i'm no angel." even one beer after work could land you in jail. the feds want to lower the limit for drunk driving. what do you think about that? i think taxi companies will suddenly soar. e-mail your thoughts. eric holder says he's got nothing to do with the
3:27 am
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>>gretchen: you think of every day as some special new day? and today is national chocolate chip cookie day. we have cue -- we have cookies, even gluten-free. good to know. >>steve: 20% of all the cookies baked in the united states are chocolate chip. do you know where tollhouse cookies came from? in 1930's, at the tollhouse inn in massachusetts, they ran out of regular chocolate and used semi sweet morsels instead and the world has never been the same. that's why we're celebrating. hats off, today national chocolate chip cookie day. >>brian: maybe your school is off today. i know banks are closed. younot l hr r -- not even use
3:32 am
the a.t.m. >>steve: attorney general eric holder is hours away from a grilling away on capitol hill but he's already shifting the blame. >> the blame game continues. attorney general eric holder facing an onslaught from reporters yesterday who want to know why his department obtained phone records of journalists. while holder excused himself from the probe shifting the blame to deputy attorney general james cole. that being said holder did defend the move saying it was necessary for an investigation of classified information about a failed al qaeda plot and one that could have put american lives at risk. >> i've been a prosecutor since 1976, and i have to say that this is among -- if not the most serious, it
3:33 am
is one of the top two or three most serious links i've seen. it put the american people at risk and that is not hyperbole. it put the american people at risk. trying to determine who is responsible for that, i think, required very aggressive action. >> a.p. officials, however, say there has been a failure to provide a reason for the scope of the subpoenas. of course investigators decision to keep it secret. this is a lawyer for the news agency. >> one was the massive nature of what was done. there were 20 phone lines in a number of bureaus that involved phones that probably 100 reporters had access to. the guidelines put in place in the 1970's say the press is supposed to be given advance notice when the government needs information critical to a criminal investigation and allowed to be negotiated to protect their own interests. that didn't happen here. >> holder bracing for tough questions in a house
3:34 am
committee hearing today. today he's facing heat not only from republicans but also democratic lawmakers who support civil liberties groups. back to you. >>brian: what he's saying is, what holder said is i couldn't tell the a.p. i was doing that because it would have hurt the investigation. meanwhile he couldn't even do it because he had access to everything. therefore, he had to recuse himself from the entire process. because he was questioned about being the leaker. >>steve: exactly. if they're questioning the -- the investigators are, they did 500 interviews. if they're asking eric holder questions about the leak, that suggests this is at a very high level, the leakers. >>brian: or there is only a hand full of people that have had access. like john brennan. the question is, the way it should have been posed is this: the a.p. said -- the attorney general says if we told you we're investigating, that might alert somebody that was the actual leaker. therefore, we shouldn't do that. we're going to do this under lock and key.
3:35 am
since he got the subpoena, i don't know if he's in jeopardy. is he? he got the a.p. ticked off. i know that. >>gretchen: he got the press thinking we could be next, which could be a turnaround on other events happening on capitol hill. let's get to other headlines. looks like the i.r.s. may not be the only government agency unfairly targeting conservative groups. an investigation shows conservative groups seeking information from the e.p.a. havely been -- e.p.a. have regularly been charged. the e.p.a. won't say why those waivers were warranted. >>steve: a week after being convicted of killing her ex-boyfriend jodi arias could be convicted today. she'll be in a courtroom where the jury will consider the death penalty or life in prison. she to*eld said in an -- she said in an exclusive interview that she wants to die. she is tweeting. she writes any donations to
3:36 am
my family or me are made only to jodi arias is any other source asking for information is fraudulent. thank you and good luck. >>brian: do the ntsb is asking to drop the blood alcohol level down to .5. that means the average person weighing 150 pounds may be over the legal limit in one hour. people weighing less, only one drink. we asked you how you felt about this. brian says this -- no relation -- lowering the limit will have no effect as almost all o.v.i. related deaths are caused by those with a blood alcohol level over the .08 limit. by the way, mothers against drunk driving have not weighed in on this.
3:37 am
>>gretchen: talk about a well-dressed rescue. some florida teens stopped to help crash victims on their way to prom. 20 teens were riding in a limo when a van crashed in front of them, flipping over five adults and two kids trapped inside. the limo driver and teens rushed in to help, one person kicking in a window, another kraoeuplg over the van and -- climbing over the van and prying open the doors. >> we pushed the van and pulled a baby out. then we started pulling the mother out from the back of the truck. >> i saw her baby girl laying there. i went to reach her. that's when she turned around and said take my baby! >>gretchen: luckily no one was seriously hurt. despite bloody dresses and tuxes, the teens went on to enjoy their prom. >>steve: that's great. o.v.i. stands for operating vehicle under the influence. >>gretchen: someone who knows their terminology.
3:38 am
s.steve: take a look at a volcano in mexico spewing ash two miles high into the air. the eruption threw multirocks down the sides of the volcano. the town covered in ash and put on high alert. meanwhile soldiers are being put in in case they need to evacuate folks nearby. here in midtown manhattan we've got maria molina. >> today will be a bit warmer in new york city. that volcano in mexico is located in mexico city, one of the top ten most populated cities in the world. we'll keep a close eye on that. the weather looking warmer today as far as temperatures across new york city and parts of the northeast but it will be on the wet side. we have a chance for showers. as we head westward, we set yesterday record-high temperatures in sioux city, iowa, 106 degrees, your all-time record for the month of may as far as high
3:39 am
temperatures go, nebraska and omaha, 101 degrees. minneapolis 98 degrees. today will not be as hot across parts of the midwest. 78 in the city of chicago. meanwhile, new york city still a little below average. 65 degrees. going to be warmer than what we saw yesterday. showers and storms possible across the northeast. we're already seeing that across interior parts of the northeast. grab the umbrella as you head outdoors but we expect stronger storms farther west across sections of texas. heads up if you live in saint angelo. steve, gretchen and brian, today is the start of the eastern pacific hurricane season, the start for the atlantic hurricane season won't be until june 1 and it is predicted to be above average this year. >>gretchen: thanks so much, maria. >>brian: in case you went to bed early, knicks and golden state on the brink of elimination in basketball. straight ahead, college graduation time and here's what our nation's grads
3:40 am
have to look forward to. >> i graduated in may of 2012. i got a b.a. in drama and communication and i work in a movie theater. >> it's difficult thinking about all the loans under my name right now. >> i started mentally preparing myself for being poor for about ten years. >>brian: young and totally broke is about to get even worse coming up. >>gretchen: buyer beware. zero tolerance sounds great; right? wrong. why you can't always trust what's on the label. >>steve: not so jolly >>steve: not so jolly time. the bass pro shops go outdoors event and sale starts this weekend. with free seminars and big savings on great camping, boating and hiking gear, like nylon recreation life vests for under $16. and this aluminum fish fryer for under $30.
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[ female announcer ] swiffer 360 duster extender cleans high and low, with thick all around fibers that attract and lock up to two times more dust than a feather duster. swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. and now swiffer dusters refills are available with the fresh scent of gain. >>brian: brand-new video out of florida where a shrimp boat caught fire last night. flames from the three alarm fire spread across the water. about 6,000 gallons of fuel leaked from the boat. fortunately no one hurt. no word on how it started. sorry mayor bloomberg. turns out laying off the salt may do more harm than good. the institute of medicine finds too little salt can raise the risk of heart problems in some people. in fact, they didn't find any health benefits to a low-salt diet for anyone. the mayor could not be reached for comment. steve? >>steve: good to know you're tracking bloomberg. meanwhile ever compare
3:45 am
items at grocery store based on nutritional levels. more often than not turns out terms like fat free are placed on foods that are not healthy at all. how can you make smarter choices at the supermarket? let's talk to nutritionist and author of "rich food, poor food." mira and jason caltra. let's start out with a lot of foods say made with or contained is not actually whole food. >> it is probably made of or contains less of what it should than you're thinking. this is made of a little juice but what it contains is a lot of high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors banned in other countries. >>steve: that is super sugar? >> exactly. you want to go to something that says 100% juice like the middle one. the problem is it has a
3:46 am
different kind of juice than it says on the label. it says it is supposed to be orange pommengranate juice but it is actually apple juice. you want to look for senior senator that is organic -- you want to look for something organic. >>steve: what is the dirty secret about this? >> the market loves to put zero calories on the front. here is what the f.d.a. says. you can put zero fat if it is less than .5 grams per fat per serving. but how many calories -- how many servings do you think are in this container? >>steve: i don't know, 100? >> what about 1,130 servings? legally, they say that is as much fat as six sticks of butter. >>steve: this does have
3:47 am
calories. >> of course. 1,130 squirts. >>steve: the word healthy, says healthy on the popcorn. >> it's not. it's lying to you. the whole thing is it contains something called partially hydrogenated soybean oil. that means trans fat. >>steve: you recommend this combination? >> using coconut oil and making it yourself. coconut oil naturally burns fat in your body. it is a healthy fat. >>steve: when you hear all natural, that sounds great. >> that sounds great. here's an all natural syrup. all natural maple syrup but look what this manufacturer did. they mimic the bottle. they say it's been around since 1887, little cabin on
3:48 am
there. would you believe not one drop of maple syrup in here. it says all natural, no maple syrup. >>steve: what is it? >> rice syrup, sugar, brown sugar. you've got to read the ingredients. >>steve: this says all natural table syrup. >> tricked you. >>steve: like velveeta. not actual cheese. it's cheese food. interesting stuff. it's all contained in this book "rich food, poor food." we thank you very much for joining us today. >> thank you. >>steve: i thought that was maple. it's not. one of the seals from the osama bin laden raid auctioning off a memento like that knife. would you buy it? details next hour. congratulations graduates. you're young, educated and
3:49 am
broke. >> i got a b.a. in drama and communication and i work in a movie theater. >>steve: it's about to get even worse. fox business's lauren simonetti with some stunning new numbers. good morning, lauren. good morning, lauren. you're next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ]
3:50 am
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>> brian: this month nearly 2 million college students will graduate and find out there is more to life than lounging through class. >> gretchen: are we assuming they all lounge through class? some of them had to study. they'll need to find a job and start paying back all the money they spent on school. with tuition costs skyrocketing, many of these graduates are in for quite a shock. lauren from the "fox business"
3:53 am
network is here. yeah, because going to school, we all know that. gog college, very expensive mission. a lot of people do it by taking out those student loans, but then they got to pay them back. >> we're going to show you numbers. the underemployment rate for recent grads is more than 18%. those are graduates with degrees and working as waitresses and waiters and baby-sitting. huge percentage. the average debt upon graduation, nearly $25,000. but a third of recent grads are make less than $25,000 a year. so how are you supposed to raise a family, buy a car, move out of your parents' house and buy a house, right? we caught up with some students at nyu's campus, so we want you to listen to this. >> i graduated in may of 2012. i got a b.a. in drama and communication and work in a movie theater. >> concession, i help with the events, ripping tickets. it's not the job i expected. it took a while to find this job. it was surprising. >> you're a senior. maybe what you're paying to get your degree in, you're going to
3:54 am
have to do something that you don't need a degree to do. >> yeah. i started mentally preparing myself for being poor for ten years. >> i'm delewded. but i feel like i'll be able to do something related to poetry. >> i'm not sure the return on investment you get from going to college is worth it. >> i'm 18 and it's difficult thinking about all the loans that are under my name right now. >> so when you graduate, how much deliberate that be? >> probably close to 200,000. >> ouch. >> steve: can you believe it? we had marco rubio, the senator there florida on this couch within the last year, he revealed he was still paying off his student loans, he has since paid them off. but still, they haunt you. >> right. and recent figures from the department of education show that more than 13% of grads, within three years default. >> brian: it's important to intern, make contacts, take responsibility, don't wait for the job to come to you.
3:55 am
a lot of this is mindset, even if the unemployment is 50%. >> what i have to say from the students, the adults, the young adults that we spoke to, was that they still valued the education that they were getting, they took it kind of lightly. we know the job market is terrible, but we are going to a good school. we're doing what we have to do, we're taking the intern shall and pay our dues. >> gretchen: joan if i'd want to be a young person now trying to find out how to start in your career. by the way, the obama administration reaping $51 billion of profit from student loans. that's more than other huge corporations made as profit, like apple and even exxon. >> the biggest companies in the world. >> brian: by nyu, that communications theater degree, cost an average of $65,000 a year. >> yes. >> brian: maybe up to 70,000 if you live on campus? >> steve: which is the same price as the young woman who had the degree in poetry. >> she went to yale, yes.
3:56 am
and she's going to get her msa from the university of iowa. >> brian: i will say this, she got into yale, she can write poetry. i guarantee you she's good hire. >> steve: in what department? >> yeah. >> gretchen: that's the thing. it conflicts with passion versus what's appliable. >> brian: there is a core that she has to take. >> the class of 2013 are graduating in what fields like a recession, but entered in what was a recession. so these kids have gone through years of, you know, the world going to be really tough. >> brian: if you can right a limerick on command, there's a value for you in this country. >> i was a english comparative. >> brian: meanwhile, the irs targeting conservatives. is that a coincidence? we'll show you the employees' political donations and you can decide. >> gretchen: remember him? >> your news leader in high definition. >> gay (bleep) (.
3:57 am
>> the anchor fired after dropping the f bomb landed a new gig. are you kidding me? >> steve: he's got a degree in poetry why are twice as many people choosing verizon over any other carrier? many choose us because we have the largest 4glte network. others, because of our reputation for reliability. or maybe it's because we've received jd power
3:58 am
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3:59 am
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4:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, may 15. i hope you're gonna have a great day. thanks for sharing part of it with us today. i'm gretchen carlson. the plot to target conservatives no longer limited to low level employees in cincinnati. today the truth is revealed and not only were superiors potentially involved, several top senators may have encouraged it as well. >> brian: conservative groups weren't the only ones targeted by the irs. guess who else was? reverend and romney support billy graham, as well as his son, i think. we have his son's angry letter to the president. >> steve: and remember this guy? >> your news leader in high definition.
4:01 am
>> (bleep). >> steve: first words ever said out of his mouth got him fired. you know what? he just landed a brand-new gig. we're going to tell what you it is and if it involves soap in his mouth. "fox & friends" hour two for wednesday starts right now. >> steve: i wonder if the entree to his new job was you know me, i got fired. >> gretchen: everyone knows who he is because he went on michael ask kelly and letterman. he did a stint i think on the red carpet for somebody. so there he is, wow. he gets like a really fantastic job, how many people are going to be doing what he did to try and get ahead? >> brian: how upset are you if you're a van ty? she actually tried to do things right. that's the lesson, don't read the prompter. >> gretchen: hopefully wherever he's going, 'cause we don't know either yet, so we're going to find out when you do. but wherever he's going, i hope
4:02 am
that he doesn't make the same mistake that was the second mistake he made after the f bomb, which was to say, i went to school in west virginia and i really love the east coast, even though he was in the dakotas. >> brian: interesting comeback. >> steve: to find out where his job is in this news capsule. >> gretchen: leaders of the panel that first investigated the terrorist attack in benghazi now offering a to testify. diplomat thomas pickering and former joint chiefs chair mike mullen have come under fire for failing to interview key witnesses. they headed up the accountability review board and admitted they didn't feel the need to interview then secretary of state hillary clinton. their findings cleared her of wrongdoing. donald rumsfeld now speaking out about the scandal and still shocked the obama administration ever blamed that videotape. >> i can't imagine how a person could stand up there when everyone involved knew it was a
4:03 am
terrorist attack. it was the anniversary of 9-11. the people were not demonstrator s. they were well armed. >> gretchen: ambassador susan rice went on five sunday talk shows and blamed the videotape. o. j. simpson expected to testify today. this after getting a hand during his second day in court instead of being fully restrained. the judge has agreed now to allow him to have one hand free so that he can take notes and drink some water. simpson claims his lawyers botched his defense in the 2008 vegas armed robbery case that landed him a prison sentence of nine to 33 years. he wants a new trial. brad pitt speaking now out after his long-time love's decision to have a double mastectomy. he praised angelina jolie, saying, quote, all i want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our children. this is a happy day for our family. having witnessed this decision firsthand, i find angie's choice, as well as many others like her, absolutely heroic.
4:04 am
angelina jolie recently underwent the radical procedure after learning she carried the brca 1 gene mutation, she kept it quiet, not even telling her father. her chances now of developing breast cancer dropped from 87% to less than 5%. he got fired last month after dropping the f bomb on live tv. >> your news leader in hive definition. >> gay (bleep). >> gretchen: looks like a.j. clemente found work again and he's now a bartender at table and tap room in his hometown in delaware. he says he'll work behind the bars through the summer before sending out his resume to any news station. oh, darn, i thought somebody picked him up in the news business. okay. good luck today. >> steve: indeed. set them up, a.j. let's talk about this, there are three scandals brewing in washington. let's start with the irs
4:05 am
scandal. >> brian: we should have wheel and play it at random. >> steve: they've been targeting, giving scrutiny to tea party groups and things like that. >> brian: for 27 months. >> steve: for a long time. we heard it was one office, right? it was just some low level people. turns out there is a guy who represents the tea party organization in tennessee, he says he was told by an agent in cincinnati that instructions came from superiors at the irs who suggested on how to go ahead and screen the tea party organizations for whether or not they should get tax exempt status. >> gretchen: i think this means the story is just starting. the idea that now this is going to come out drips and drabs as to who might be responsible. also california irs agents were somehow involved. and senate democrats involved have pushed for this. if you go back and look in time in 2010 and in 2012, there were a group of senate democrats who
4:06 am
were encouraging the irs to look into tea party organizations because they felt that they shouldn't even be granted this kind of nonprofit status. but i think what's going to really get people upset is to find out who else may have been targeted. mitt romney's supporters. but what about reverend billy graham, who has been influential with all different presidents across time for decades, republicans and democrats? >> brian: even by president obama. >> gretchen: to find out billy graham may have been targeted? i think people are going to say, are you kidding me? >> brian: i'm also fascinated to see lois learner knew about this in 2011 and said she basically ignored it. then they decided to broaden it out to all types of tea party groups. she never came forward. today in an op ed in the usa today which i mentioned an hour earlier is free in hotels, this guy steven miller goes, oh, yeah. we did make mistakes, but the mistakes were made. but in no way any political or partisan motivation. they just happen to only target
4:07 am
one side. maybe they should have picked other sides. here is the worst part action is the damage have been done because you apply for 501 c 3 status, and the 90 days which took place prior, it took years and you had to apply 88 questions and you had to answer questions like who are your donor, which you don't have to supply. >> gretchen: that information, that private information of the application was given to left leaning groups, which is a criminal activity. >> brian: why would do you that? >> gretchen: if you're a low level employee, or you're just a middle class employee making 30 to $50,000 a year, would you put your career on the line to target tea party groups? >> steve: if your boss tells you that's your job, the question is, who cooked up the idea? and to suggest that senate democrats were saying, okay, irs, you got to crack down on the tea party outfits, it sounds like there could have been pressure from the senate democrats. now they're saying, oh, this is
4:08 am
terrible. we hope this never happens. going back to gretch be's point about billy graham's ministries being targeted, his son, franklin, who runs things right now, wrote a letter to the president of the united states and said this: while these audits of the graham organization not only wasted taxpayer money, they wasted money contributed by donors for ministry purposes as we had to spend precious resources servicing the irs agents in our offices, i believe someone in the administration was targeting and attempting to intimidate us. this is morally wrong and unethical. indeed, some would call it unamerican. i understand the irs review started last october after billy graham ministries in newspaper ads in north carolina backed the same sex constitutional amendment, banning it, which passed. >> gretchen: that's unbelievable when i heard this yesterday. that was unbelievable that they had targeted billy graham. and what about not to mention using the ministry dollars to go
4:09 am
to the irs. will these people be reimbursed? will these -- >> steve: that's great question. >> gretchen: it's really expensive when you're audited to go up against the irs. it's very expensive. so will these people now, all these organizations, 471 of them associated with tea parties and then all these miscellaneous other people l they have a case against the federal government to be reimbursed for all that money? >> steve: some are suing. >> beth: some are audited. others just want to get going. you have all these questions and time of the you lose momentum. next thing you know, the momentum is over and your cause is gone. >> steve: remember, the bar is, do they do more than half of their activities? are they political? when you look at the -- if it is, then they wouldn't be given a tax exempt status because it's a social charity. look at this, that big wad of cash on the left is the amount of money in political donations that members of the irs, employees of the irs gave to president obama versus mitt romney.
4:10 am
so 54,000 versus 0,000, which is kind of reflective of perhaps the demographics party wise at the irs. >> brian: elizabeth prann is in washington, d.c. and she is looking at all the scandals as well w. know the obama administration has g pile on their plate right now. attorney general eric holder, will be grilled on capitol hill. he's got some questions to answer, elizabeth. >> yeah. most likely eric holder, bracing for more tough questioning in a house judiciary hearing today. he's facing heat from not only republicans, but democratic lawmakers as to why his department secretly obtained phone records of journalists work for the associated press while holder recused himself from the initial probe, he has been shifting the attention to james cole. cole says he was responsible for overseeing the f.b.i. investigation, as well as the seizure of the phone records last year. that being said, holder defends the move. he says of it necessary for an investigation of classified
4:11 am
information about a failed al-qaeda plot and one that could have put american lives at risk. >> i've been a prosecutor since 1976 and i have to say that this is among if not the most serious. it is the top two or three most serious leaks that i've ever seen. put the american people at risk. that is not hyperbole. it put the american people at risk and trying to determine who was responsible for that, i think required very aggressive action. >> two sides to every story. ap officials say that doesn't necessarily justify the scope of the subpoenas or the reason they kept it all top secret. civil liberties group say this threatens the first amendment and also the public's ability to get the truth. >> they told us what they're looking for and nor have they explained why we got no prior notice, which our lawyers tell us is not only customary, but required. >> i imagine that every source
4:12 am
in government who provides information in these critical stories is going to be wondering whether every one of their phone calls to a member of the press, friendly as well as to provide a source information is going to be monitored by the government. >> so all in all, five reporters were involved in this story last year. but the ap claims today more than 100 journalists were somehow affected by this probe. gretchen, steve, brian, back to you. >> brian: we do not know who the leaker is still, despite all these phone records, we still don't know? >> correct. >> steve: somebody might. thank you very much. straight ahead, many are already worried american voters aren't informed enough. now one city lowering the voting age to 16. is that a good idea? >> gretchen: angelina jolie is not the only one making the brave decision for a double mastectomy. miss washington, d.c. from miss america pageant says she planned on doing the same thing. she will join us live coming up new car!
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4:16 am
>> steve: the irs scandal widens and president obama admits it exists, the f.b.i. is launching its own criminal investigation into the internal revenue service and its targeted treatment of tea party and other conservative groups. the founder and president of the tea party in alabama, one of the dozens of groups wrapped up in
4:17 am
the huge mess with the irs. she joins us live from montgomery. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so you applied to the irs for tax exempt status for your organization. didn't hear from them for a very long time, so you get to thinking, what's going on? who did you call? >> well, it was only supposed to take a couple of months, so every two months we would call and they kept saying, we're still reviewing your application. and it was not until 14 months later that i get a letter in the mail with 80 questions on this pamphlet and saying that they couldn't process our application until those questions were answered. >> steve: they were tough questions. they were questions that the irs had none of their business sticking their nose in, right? >> yes. the one that disturbed me the most was they had asked if we would no -- they requested or demanded that we give copies of every speech that was ever given from our organization since
4:18 am
2009. they wanted the names and credentials of every speaker we've ever had. >> steve: so they were looking for a reason to disqualify you. eventually you did get tax exempt status, but how long did it take? >> it took almost two years for us to finally receive our status. it wasn't until the aclj came along and represented our case last year. >> steve: that's right. the american center for law and justice. here is one of the questions they were asking you, provide the titles, duties, work hours and compensation amounts of your board members, officers and employees. if they only work for a certain time, yearly, biyearly or quad yearly, please provide the periods they have and will work. please identify your volunteers. it's just crazy. we've got more examples of it. you feel like you were being intimidated by the irs, right? >> yes. very much so. >> steve: in what way? >> well, i feel like a lot of these questions, they had no business knowing. they wanted to see every web
4:19 am
page we had ever had, all of our social media pages, even if we had a part in our web site that was for members only, they wanted access to that. it just goes on and on. >> steve: very good. i know you're heading to washington, d.c. to tell your story to michelle bachmann and anybody else who will listen. becky garrettson, founder of a tea party in alabama, thank you for joining us live today. >> thank you. >> steve: good luck to you. that's crazy. all right. about 20 minutes after the top of the hour. angelina jolie is not the only one making the brave decision for a double mastectomy. miss washington, d.c. about to do the same thing and she's live next. and they say no good deed goes unpunished. one town suing a group of good samaritans. it goes around feeding strangers' expired parking meters. the cops don't like that the husqvarna all-wheel-drive mower is here.
4:20 am
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4:23 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. $360 million. that's how much is up for grabs in tonight's' powerball drawing. it's the third largest powerball drawing in history. next, 16. that's how old you have to be to vote in at that toe ma park, maryland. the first city to lower their voting age. the city council says they want more people to be part of the city government. 6 billion. that's how much airlines here in the u.s. collected last year in baggage and reservation change fees. that's the highest amount ever. gretch? >> gretchen: thank you. one of the world's most recognizable actresses making
4:24 am
stunning medical admission this olsays she had a double mastectomy after testing positive for the brca 1 gene, the gene that increased her risk, mutation of that gene for breast cancer by 87%. our next guest has also been faced with having to make this life saving decision and she says she, too, will have the procedure. allen rose is with the miss america organization and joins us live from our capitol. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: your dad sat you down when you were 18 and said what? >> he brought the idea of having the surgery to me and at first i was very averse to it. i'm 18. up think i'm invincible and he looked at me straight in the face and say, you're going to end up dead, dead, dead, just like your mom. >> gretchen: wow. >> i think it was that really aggressive, to the point honesty that made me realize that the time was ticking for me. my mom was diagnosed at 27 and i didn't have the luxury of
4:25 am
waiting around. >> gretchen: your mom passed away from the disease, breast cancer. also your grandmother, your great aunt. so you obviously have the heredity. but you do not have the mutation of the brca 1 or 2 gene. correct? >> i don't. but it only accounts for a small percentage of cancer every year. >> gretchen: so there are people like yourself who have the family history, but not the gene mutation who decide to do the surgery? >> right. especially someone like me would had a mom diagnosed in her 20s. then to have it recur 20 years later in the other breast and passed away from it shows a strong hereditary link. >> gretchen: your mom was 27 when she was diagnosed. is this looming for you relatively soon? >> it is. something where i thought if i turn 25 this month, the idea that i could be facing a battle with breast cancer in two years
4:26 am
was very real. and honestly very scary. so i said why not make the decision now, especially when i have a platform through the miss america organization to speak to my generation, to spread this message, why not? >> gretchen: so you are going to be meeting with physicians coming up next month, right? >> yes. i give up my title june 9. we're crowning the new miss dc and then it's kind of getting the ball rolling and finding the right staff. >> gretchen: wow. it's such a huge decision for such a young woman who already lost your mom to this. thank you so much for your courageous decision on this. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, one of the seals from the ubl raid auctioning mementos on-line, like this knife. would you buy this? and can't afford a great vacation? what if you could book now and pay later? is that a good idea? dave ramsey says there is a better way to do it. he's here next. [ female announcer ] doctors trust calcium plus vitamin d
4:27 am
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4:30 am
>> you hear about this? the irs has admitted they were targeting conservative groups. president obama called the irs targeting conservative groups outrageous and he said he would immediately have his benghazi investigators look into it. [ laughter ] so finally we will get to the bottom of this. >> steve: that's kind of what it
4:31 am
looks like. >> gretchen: they've got their hands full in washington right now. so we will continue to bring you the damage control coming up. >> steve: yeah. there is an article in politico this morning, lead article, it says, this town is turning on president obama and this is very bad news for the white house. >> brian: right. i joe jay carney, i understand he's in a tough spot. but to go out and say the president is here for the middle class and starts spouting out some of the campaign -- >> steve: wait, that wasn't the question, jay. >> brian: what was that about? i could never picture dana perino or tony snow answering tough questions during the iraq war when it wasn't going well by saying the president is here to be an education president. >> steve: you got to wonder how much time jay carney is spending on looking for a new job. could be hearing footsteps. let's get to your headlines on this wednesday because it looks like the irs may not be the only government agency unfairly targeting conservative groups. an investigation shows conservative groups seeking information from the epa, the environmental protection agency,
4:32 am
have regularly been charged fees. but those same fee requests were waived for more than 90% of the green groups who applied for them. the epa won't say why they granted the green groups the waivers. but they charged the conservatives. >> brian: an atheist group forcing a school district to remove the ten commandments into their school. they've been in every classroom for the last 20 years. a student complained the plaques were unconstitutional and the atheist group threatened to sue unless they were taken down. >> we do support them and we know they had a hard job and we've been praying for them. but secondly, we wanted to go on record saying we believe in the ten commandments. >> brian: they decided to remove them because they can't afford to fight a lawsuit. that's the same situation everywhere. >> gretchen: they say they're paying it forward. a group calling itself robin hood and his merry men, being sued bay city in new hampshire for paying expired parking
4:33 am
meters before police issue tickets. they often shadow police in cat and mouse like games and leave notes for the drivers. the group claims it's being targeted because the city is losing money. the student says the group is jude since they're harassing officers. i wonder who will win. >> steve: a priceless piece of history can be yours. this is an ordinary pocket knife. it was used and carried by one of the navy seals who took down osama bin laden during the raid in 2011. it's currently up for auction. the money will benefit special operation forces and their families. the bidding closes later today at 8 p.m the guy who devised that knife has authenticated that it was part of the raid. mr. kilmeade, i know you're standing there in the dark. -- >> gretchen: is it he going to do the sports in the dark? off flashlight? use your blackberry light.
4:34 am
>> brian: do you have the light on it? >> gretchen: yeah. you'll just be in halo. you're so angelic anyway. >> steve: that is one bright light. [ laughter ] >> brian: here from another dimension -- >> gretchen: now you have to go to confession. >> brian: it will be good to see them again. in golf, did tiger woods sabotage garcia? garcia says yes after he was distracted daughter shot of crowd noise when he pulled out a certain crowd noise. when woods went for a club, woods said court marshaling gave him the go ahead. new part of the story now. but two course marshals now say no way and that tiger likes to character and made up the story and both dislike each other and don't respect each other. we already knew that new jersey governor chris christie had lap band surgery to help him lose weight and we know who helped inspire the move. rex ryan, who had lap band surgery himself.
4:35 am
he lost more than 100 pounds. ryan helped coach christie with eating tips. they both saw the same surgeon. it took him a while to get it down, but he lost a ton of weight. and talk about something you don't see every day at every game, dodgers pitcher playing catch with a boy in the stands during batting practice. isn't that cool? the boy named doos seems to have a pretty good arm. they played catch for about five minutes. >> gretchen: that's so sweet. >> brian: coming up on kilmeade and friends on your fox news radio app and local affiliate, marvin cab will be on with us. donald rumsfeld, olympia snow, between 9 and noon. >> gretchen: great. >> steve: meanwhile, hurricane season along the atlantic still a couple weeks away, but it starts today for the pacific. there is a storm churning that could start off the season with a bang. maria molina joins us outside from our studios here in new york. >> hey, good morning. that's right. today does mark the start of the eastern pacific hurricane season
4:36 am
and the national hurricane center already tracking an area of showers and storms in the eastern pacific ocean that could develop, about a 30% chance of becoming a named system in the next 48 hours. the center of the storm system actually located about 650 miles to the south of the city of acapulco in mexico. if it does become a named storm, the name will be alvin. like steve mentioned, we do anticipate the start of the atlantic hurricane season as usual to begin on june 1. yesterday we actually saw record heat across the center of the country. we're talking triple digit temperatures in places like sioux city, iowa, omaha, nebraska. in sioux city, you set an all-time may high temperature record at 106 degrees. adjust couple days ago, you were talking record snowfall in that part of the country. today cooler, in the 80s. 78 will be your high temperature. new york city, a little bit on the cool side. below average. 65 degrees for the high temperature. steve, gretchen and brian, we have a little chance to see a shower or storm here across the
4:37 am
northeast. >> gretchen: all right. thanks so much. it's weird weather in the midwest. >> yes. >> steve: 106 in sioux city. >> gretchen: crazy. can't afford a great vacation? what if you could book now and just pay later? is that a good idea? personal finance expert dave ramsey joins us live from nashville. hey, dave. >> hey, good morning. >> gretchen: it sounds great. you book a fantastic vacation, you go down to the beach and have a couple drinks and you pay for it later. >> well, you pay for it ahead of time on lay away, of course. but you can book the vacation, put down some money and then like laying away an item at a store, you can pay on it as you go prior to the vacation. a little different than putting it on your credit card 'cause at least you're paying for the vacation but you got to watch for fees and know whatever you paid down, if you don't go, you're probably going to lose. >> brian: how do you feel about some people in our society not taking time off.
4:38 am
>> it depends on where you are. overall in our culture, you're right. all kinds of productivity studies have shown that time off each week, you know, a day a week, like the sabbath, that kind of thing, and a vacation in time with your spouse, date night, those kinds of things, and time with your family, at least once a year. all of those things are indications of higher productivity and definitely a good way to go. sometimes you got yourself in a mess and you got to work like crazy for a year and clean it up. >> steve: so the advice is, if you do one of those vacations, make sure you watch out for the hidden fees. also, what about this phenomenon? it seems like the younger people are actually better savers than their parents. explain that. >> the millenials, there is all kinds of studies coming out showing they're saving like crazy, which i am so excited about. that is so fun. actually our interaction with that age group is showing one of two things. they're either doing nothing and completely irresponsible. that's not a shock. or they're very, very, very serious. they're not much in the middle
4:39 am
ground. there is none of them kind of mediocre. they're either all in or all out. and when they're all in, this millenial generation, man, they are saving like crazy. i think it's because they realize that the government is spending itself into the poor house and social security isn't going to be there and so they've got to be ready for their own retirement. that kind of healthy fear is a good thing. >> gretchen: yeah. it's been real interesting to seat facts and figures that they're starting to say 22, whereas the baby boomer started thinking about saving at 35. whole new mentality there. i'm with you, dave. i think it's a great idea. i know you encourage starting young, even with your young kids at home. >> well, absolutely. 'cause you start that whole habit pattern. you build that savings muscle inside of there. i'll tell you something else that we're seeing that kind of goes with this trend, the ones that are savers are also very generous. they're concerned about changing the world. they're concerned about helping people and they know they need money to do that. so they're saving and building wealth with that kind of noble calling rather than consumption
4:40 am
calling. >> gretchen: right. >> steve: dave ramsey joining us from nashville, thank you very much. great advice as always. >> always good to be with you. >> steve: thank you. >> brian: straight ahead, attorney general eric holder says they had to get records of the associated press for the safety of the country. was it a double cross? did the doj leak them the story then throw them under the bus? peter johnson, jr. with new information. >> steve: that's good. and talk about a scary sight. imagine seeing this, a helicopter flipping over and over while in the sky. we're going to show you how it ended in a moment. >> gretchen: first, the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1969, this nfl great won the third season of "dancing with the stars" with cheryl burke. who is he? be the first person to e-mail us with the correct answer. we'll send you something sweet. ♪ ♪ oh, he's a fighter alright.
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4:44 am
>> there is a rumor going around that beyonce and jay-z are expecting their second child. you can tell 'cause the other day they were spotted looking for baby names at the paint store. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that's not really why. there is speculation that beyonce is pregnant because she just canceled her concert in
4:45 am
belgium. a rep says she is suffering from dehydration and exhaustion. talk about a scary sight. imagine seeing this, a helicopter flipping over and apparently losing control in the sky. turns out it's a pilot practicing his trick moves. how dare he does that over san diego? according to red bull, the company he works for, the pilot is the only one in the united states who can do these kinds of stunts. looks dangerous. brian? >> brian: eric holder says the justice department had to check the ap's phone records in the name of national security. would that have happened if someone in the obama administration hadn't leaked the story in the first place? fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. here. they said they had to look at 20 reporters, 100 different lines in order to find out who leaked this final story because we had a saudi in a yemeni cell and the saudi wanted to blow up an american plane. >> did the obama administration leak this stuff in the beginning and then throw the main stream
4:46 am
media under the first amendment bus? now the first amendment seems to be the preoccupation of the media. it wasn't on the issue of religious liberty in terms of obamacare. the second amendment was a joke for them in terms of gun rights in the united states. so now they're saying, oh, my god. what's happening to us? you're destroying our ability to be reporters, to be journalists, to have source. you're trying to chill and intimidate, obama administration. and say what's really disturbing about it is you're probably the guys that gave us the story in the first place. let's look at how this happened. this happened because congress said the obama white house, what are you doing with all these national security leaks? and so attorney general holder t a couple u.s. attorneys to investigate this and so we have the subpoenas, these secret seizure of phone records of the associated press without notice, perhaps in violation of doj rules, and now the main stream
4:47 am
media, the "new york times," the associated press is losing it because they said, god, we didn't realize that the obama administration had no regard for the constitution. >> brian: even senator harry reid says i have trouble defending what the justice department did in looking at the ap. i don't know who did it or why, but it's inexcusable. there's a lot of democrats upset by this. >> sure, they're upset by this because it goes to the heart of the united states constitution. the first amendment, the freedom of the press, the bulwark of our democracy, what keeps us free, the ability to look at a government and say, you're doing something wrong and we found out about it and we outed it. but the obama administration, for its own purposes, is now saying, oh, yeah. the first amendment, yeah, it counts. we're for freedom of the press, jay carney -- >> brian: unfettered. >> i'm for federal shield law. we want to protect. they're saying all the right things, but did they do the right thing? the real issue is what prejudice would there have been to the federal government to tell the associated press and the
4:48 am
reporters at their home and cell phones and 20 different lines that we're looking at two months' worth of records for time in the past. would there have been a prejudice in terms of the investigation? general holder says so. at the time that the plot was unveiled and the story was published, the white house said there was no threat to americans. now there is a threat to americans. so the first amendment had to be abrogated. who is double crossing whom here? >> brian: right. which is interesting, too, is the attorney general said, i wasn't the one who authorized it because i was the one who -- i knew the players and i was interviewed as a possible leaker. so i had to recuse myself from the case, pull out mr. cole. he is now in the line of fire. >> unfortunately, we in the media now understand what other americans have understood in terms of the abrasion of constitutional rights in this country. now the first amendment is being affected and the ministry people i can't is -- main stream media is squealing and they should be.
4:49 am
>> brian: next up, are you a tomboy and don't like being girlie? is that normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow will be here and he's going to define all what a tomboy is. first on this day in history, 1976, "boogie fever" by the silvers was the number one song. and it's number 3 for steve [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice.
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4:52 am
>> gretchen: the answer to the aflac question of the day, of course it's emmitt smith and our winner is greg anderson from nebraska. >> steve: meanwhile, normal or nuts?
4:53 am
people ask themselves that every once in a while and it's a question we talk to dr. keith ablow every week about. he joins us live from boston. good morning to you, keith. >> good morning to you. >> steve: all right. he's going eric bolling today, no neck tie. very nice. >> i was just short on time. >> steve: we understand. >> gretchen: is that normal or nuts? >> steve: yeah. >> it's normal. >> i think it helps me think more clearly. >> steve: first question, my adult son has always been compulsive about the weather. he has tornado shelter and 24 hours before a storm he'll from the time all day. does he need counseling? >> well, listen, it's not normal. that kind of fretting over a storm is real anxiety and no doubt there are other storms in this young person's life that need paying attention to. the weather is taking the place of those things and counseling is the answer. there is no question about it. not a storm shelter. >> brian: all right. let's go to this e-mail.
4:54 am
this says this: my daughter had bad thoughts, which brings her to tears. these thoughts are mostly about those close to her dying. they happen when she's alone and bored or when dad is traveling for work. what do you think? >> well, again here, this is not normal. we're going to call it not normal because what i'm worried about here, when you are thinking about her time when she's not distracted, when she's not with her dad, there are dark thoughts. i worry about depression which can affect kids, which might not be her reporting i'm sad. the themes are important and this death and dying theme may go with depression, childhood depression. >> gretchen: or anxiety. here is the e-mail number three tomboy all my life. i am a 61-year-old woman and i've never liked shopping. i never liked wearing dresses or skirts. is it nuts to be a tomboy my whole life? >> certainly not!
4:55 am
no. how can it be nuts? after all, here you are saying i'm an adult woman. woman. i'm 61 years old. i never liked shopping. not everybody likes looking for dresses. you're a fix it up woman. that's fine. keep doing that around the house. there are a lot of guys would have been very happy to be with you. >> brian: remember tatum o'neil. she was a tomboy. >> life lessons from the bears, brian, you should write that book. >> brian: i'm thinking about it. >> you'd be very good at that. >> gretchen: i think you thought you were very lucid today in your analysis, dr. ablow. it must have been the sans tie attire. >> eric bolling. think how crisp he is every time. >> steve: that explains it. blood flow. keith, thank you very much for joining us live today.
4:56 am
>> take care. >> brian: imagine if kelly leak didn't join that team where he would be today. remember? he was their power hitter. that kid needed some direction. >> steve: those were the days. >> gretchen: i got to watch that movie again. i've learned all the main people. it sounds like it's good. >> brian: whatever you do, don't watch the sequel. >> steve: it's terrible. straight ahead, at first they said it was an isolated irs plot targeting conservatives. turns out that's just one piece of the plot. not only that, superiors were apparently involved and a number of top democratic senators tied in to it as well. >> gretchen: then two doves. what just happened in saint peter's square? just call it a miracle about who to hire
4:57 am
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5:00 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, may 15. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. let's talk about the irs plot to target conservatives. no longer limited now to a couple of cubicles. today the real story is coming out. not only were superiors supposedly involved, the names of several top senators could be tied to this as well. >> steve: and president obama finally getting around to reading the irs report and you know what? the president is outraged. but apparently he's not upset about giving one of his family members a tax deal on your dime. it's a charity. >> brian: irs did, the disney star all grown up, making maxima top 100. ashley tisdale says she's learning from her mistakes of her peers and she's here at the top of the hour to explain another disney superstar. "fox & friends" starts now.
5:01 am
♪ got the music ♪ . >> gretchen: am i going to be parking that car? >> brian: you have a car service pick you up? no, i got a lambourghini. >> gretchen: let's go out and parallel park. should i get behind the wheel of that and try and parallel park it? >> steve: at 75 miles an hour. >> gretchen: i'll take occupant back end. no big deal. is that a stick shift car? >> steve: it is. >> gretchen: can't drive it then. >> steve: it's the 50th anniversary of the lambourghini and we've got a little car show in front of our building today. we're going to send out maria -- >> gretchen: maria is going to drive it? >> steve: yeah, if she wants to. >> brian: i can drive a stick. it's been a while. is it the same as a prelude? >> steve: not exactly. it's like an h. >> gretchen: but you got to do the clutch, too.
5:02 am
>> brian: if you're in the area, hop in the car and take it for a ride. as long as it's back for our segment. >> gretchen: that looks like it could be automatic. >> steve: what's that crazy gear? we're sending maria out there. you will find out shortly. and the very latest, this irs thing getting bigger. you'll be horrified in about a minute after the headlines. >> gretchen: so the leaders of the panel that first investigated the terrorist attack in benghazi now offering a to testify. diplomat thomas pickering and former joint chiefs chair mike mullen have come under fire for fail to go interview key witnesses with their big report. they headed up the accountability review board and admitted they didn't feel that it was necessary to interview then secretary of state hillary clinton. their findings cleared her of any wrongdoing. former defense secretary donald rumsfeld now speaking out about the scandal and he says he's still shocked the obama administration ever blamed the video in the first place. >> i can't imagine how a person could stand up there when everyone involved knew it was a
5:03 am
terrorist attack. it was the anniversary of 9-11. the people were not demonstrators. they were well armed. >> gretchen: ambassador susan rice did just that when she went on the five sunday talk shows after the attack. she blamed the video. a week after being convicted of murdering her ex-boyfriend, jodi arias could learn her fate today. she'll be back inside a phoenix courtroom where a jury will consider giving her the death penalty or life in prison. she told fox in an exclusive interview last week after her conviction that she would rather die. yesterday the convicted killer was back on-line sending out this bizarre tweet. any donations to my family or me are made at jodi arias is any other source asking for donation social security fraudulent. thank you. firing a strong warning to the united states from russia after it caught an american diplomat doubling as a spy in the country. it is weird. russia's foreign ministry says it's a provocation in the spirit of the cold war.
5:04 am
russian officials say ryan fogel, a secretary at the embassy, was caught with cash, a spy kit suitable for a ten-year-old, and was wearing a bad blond wig. they say he was trying to recruit a russian intelligence officer. he has been ordered out of the country. what happens when pope francis chris was given a dove? he was touring saint peter's square during his weekly general audience when someone in the crowd rushed a bird cage with two doves inside at the pope mobile. the security detail looked it over, then handed it over to him. pope francis chris released one, which took off immediately into the sky. but he had some trouble getting the second one out. its feathers got caught. finally freed, the dove sat on his hand before flying off, too. those are your headlines. did the people who handed him the bird cage want the doves? >> brian: did you pay a lot for the dove and can the dove exist in a tough world? life isn't all sky if you don't know how to
5:05 am
exist. >> steve: those rome pigeons could be a story. >> gretchen: let's talk about the irs. that's a huge story right now. could it be it wasn't just the underlings in the cincinnati office look into tea party organization. almost 500 were targeted. could it be now that superiors, other people, a california office, washington involvement, even senate democrats have possibly pushed for this with letters that they sent to the irs, hey, you better look at those tea party people who want 501 c 4 status because they may not be entitled to it. >> steve: let's examine that last part right there, gretchen. we've got all these senate democrats who are saying, this irs thing is terrible. but for the last three years, these top senate democrats, in particular max baucus starting in 2010, has been pushing to crack down on nonprofit political groups. baucus requested the irs review the political activities of tax exempt groups, there he is. i read in one column at the hearings that are upcoming, it would be interesting.
5:06 am
some of the irs bureaucrats who are going to be called on the carpet, should be asked, why isn't max baucus at the table? meanwhile, senator schumer wrote a letter back in 2012 and those are some of the people who actually signed the letter. he also urging the irs to crack down on the tea party organization. so it's really curious because the tea party was cracked down by the irs. were they simply taking instructions from senate democrats? it kind of looks like it. >> brian: yeah. it could be. also but the thing is, if you're a senator, you could say whatever you want. doesn't mean the irs should listen to you. since when is the irs listening to anybody, when a your agenda is? it seems like they were only listening to one tune and that was nonprogressive organizations. if progressive was in the title, you got your okay within 90 days. if it was tea party in the title, you would take about a year and they'd ask you who your donors were, which they have no business finding out. >> steve: in the chuck schumer letter, they write, if the irs
5:07 am
is unable to issue administrative guidance, then we plan to introduce legislation. that's kind of like, okay. if you don't change the way you're doing business, we're going to come up with a law and make you do it. so maybe they just did it. >> gretchen: yeah. i usually like a really good mystery and i wouldn't stop looking into this with just those letters from the democratic senators. >> steve: it's just not rogue people. >> gretchen: correct. i'm not so sure it ends with those senate democrats right there. anyway, the president finally said that he had a chance to look over the inspector general report on this whole thing and he issued a statement last night just before 9 p.m shear what he said. i have not had the opportunity to review the treasury department watchdog report on its version of the irs personnel who improperly targeted conservative groups applying for tax exempt status and they're intolerable and inexcusable. but a lot of people are asking, what will the president do? usually when something like this happens, and i haven't seen bipartisan outrage on an issue like this in a long time.
5:08 am
both sides -- these two stories o'clock wouldn't somebody get the action as a result of this? wouldn't somebody be in a little bit of difficulty as a result of this? so far the president has not done anything with regard to that. >> brian: we do a lot of investigating. investigating benghazi, finding out who was the perpetrator of the crime in libya. we don't ever get to the bottom of these investigations. >> steve: we did hear from the president in a statement that this irs thing, i'm gonna to have jack lew deal with it. why doesn't the president deal with it. so anyway, yesterday jay carney was asked, hey, we haven't -- why did it take the president so long to respond to this? the slow reaction time, here he is with cbs's chip reed. >> you heard from the president yesterday. you heard the outrage that he conveyed at the reports of this kind o activity.
5:09 am
>> essential outrage. only going to be outraged if -- >> i don't think you would want a president to be outraged on something that's not true. we have to weigh -- >> he apologized for part of it. doesn't he know part of it is fact. it's not in the if part anymore. >> i agree with that and i think that was reflected in the tone and the nature of the comments you saw from the president. >> brian: frustration yesterday. the stuff he apologized for that he's outraged for, jay carney started talking about the middle class and the president got elected by the american people. it was ridiculous! >> gretchen: i was in the car and i almost drove off the road i was like really? your going to give a stump speech now? if he had a bubble coming out of his head he would be, they're really asking questions? >> steve: he would go, sorry, there is an ongoing investigation and finally, somebody from real clear politics said, wait a minute, the president weighed in on ongoing investigations arting tray tron martin, why not? if jay carney is asked, why did the president's half brother get
5:10 am
a sweetheart deal? keep in mind, some of these tea party organizations waited three years to get tax exempt status and there he is with his brother, goat it for his charity in one month. >> brian: he had a 501 c stat retroactive to 2010. then though he submitted it in 2011. >> steve: that's right. he operated his charity illegally for years and yet the irs, rubber stamped it. >> gretchen: okay. so we'll continue to follow this breaking story throughout the rest of the morning. and throughout the day here on fox. we're hearing from angelina jolie's doctor a day after she revealed she had a preventive mastectomy and brad pitt talking about her decision. anna kooiman has details. >> good morning to everybody at home. brad pitt breaking his silence about his long-time partner's decision to have that double mastectomy. he praised the love of his life saying, quote, all i want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our
5:11 am
children. this is a happy day for our family. having witnessed this decision firsthand, i find angie's choice, as well as many others like her, absolutely heroic. angelina jolie recently underwent the radical procedure after learning she carried the brca 1 gene mutation. as a result of the surgery, her chances of developing breast cancer dropped from 87% to less than 5%. doctor kristy funk of the pink lotus breast cancer in beverly hills oversaw the surgery. on the web site, she detailed every decision she and angelina made about her treatment, flecting on the day she said, quote, called to confirm our biggest hope, all of the breast tissue was benign. i was pleased to find her not only in good spirits with bountiful energy, but with two walls in her house covered with freshly assembled story boards for the next project she is directing. after the news of her surgery, hospitals around the country said they were bombarded with calls from women who now want to be tested for that brca 1 gene
5:12 am
mutation. earlier on "fox & friends," the current miss district of columbia told us she also is faced with the life saving decision and says she, too, will have the procedure even though she doesn't have any gene mutation. >> especially someone like me who had a mom diagnosed in her 20s and then to have it recur 20 years later in the other breast and passed away from it, shows there is a strong hereditary link in my family. if i turn 25 this month, the idea that i could be facing a battle with breast cancer in two years was very real and honestly, very scary. so i said, why not make the decision now? >> this morning we hear that angelina is set for more surgery and reportedly plans to have her ovaries removed. other mother died of ovarian cancer at the age of 56. gretchen, brian and steve. >> gretchen: thank you. coming up, they escaped to america because they were threatened with jail time for home schooling their kids. but the obama administration wants to send them back to
5:13 am
germany now where they will lose their kids. the judge's decision is in. >> steve: and before you go on your next vacation, a warning. scammers are finding ways to plant bullets in your luggage. your choice, pay up or face jail time. what you need to know as we roll on live from new york city. ♪ there's a new way to fight litter box odor. introducing tidy cats with glade tough odor solutions. two trusted names, one amazing product.
5:14 am
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5:16 am
5:17 am
>> brian: they came from german because they were going to lose custody of their children if they home schooled them. but the court refused to grant them asylum and they could be deported and face prosecution in germany and possibly custody. we're joined by the chairman of the home school legal defense association. he represents the family. michael, so far, so not so good about staying here. the key to your says is the reason they want to home school is for religious purposes, to keep their christian upbringing intact. that is a reason to get asylum. correct? >> it is. the german supreme court made it very clear that germany's motive is also religious. they want to suppress religious minorities. that fact was entirely ignored by the court's opinion. >> brian: so the department of justice has said no, home schooling, not a good enough reason. we're sending you back. if they are sent back, what do they face?
5:18 am
>> they face jail time for the parents and the most certain thing that will happen is they will lose the custody of their children. the german state will take over permanent custody of these children if this family sticks by their conviction. >> brian: i had no idea germany had such a problem with home schooling. >> germany is aggressive against anyone who thinks differently than what they want them to think. it's a very represssive society in certain respects. it seems a lot like us, but there are a lot not like us in important ways. >> brian: wearing hearing about that in this case. the court of appeals, 6th district court says regrettably, they have not shown that germany's enforcement of its general school attendance laws amounts to prosecution against them. so are you going to go higher in the court system? >> we have two steps left, both of which are discretionary and are no guarantee that they're going to be heard. we can ask the entire sixth circuit, which is 15 judges to
5:19 am
review the case. that is a rare time when that is granted. then we're going to go to the u.s. supreme court if that fails. again, they don't take every case that's offered to them. so we're going to make our best shot at it. we think we have a good legal ground burks there is no doubt that the attorney general has the ability to just simply say, legalities aside, i have the discretion to grant them asylum and i wish that he would do so. he has the authority to do it. i think it's plain politics as to why they're talking about granting asylum to 11 million people, but not this one german home schooling family. >> brian: who says the whole reason is their christian beliefs. that religion is a reason to get it, but the justice department doesn't want to acknowledge it. i can imagine the frustration and the future of this family is at risk and in the balance. thanks so much. chairman of the home school legal defense association. we'll stay on that. 19 minutes after the hour. imagine hearing this announcement on your next flight. the pilot is locked out of the cockpit. it just happened. the scary details next.
5:20 am
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>> brian: quick headlines now. after five years, the trial is set to begin in the murder of an aspiring model from tucson of the prosecutors say the 47-year-old kelly sue park killed 21-year-old jew i can't in a redding after a doctor sent her to threaten redding. he was reportedly planning to launch a business with redding's father, but the respective partnership fell apart just days before her death.
5:24 am
and a jet making an emergency landing because the pilot got locked out of the cockpit. he took a bathroom break, but the door jammed. when he tried to get back in, even the copilot inside couldn't get the door open. they had to divert the plane so that the door could get fixed. gretchen? >> gretchen: thanks. if you have a sibling you know that as kids the two of you probably shared just about everything. but this is a new one. identical twins set to graduate from college as co-valedictorian. so what's it like to share your college's highest academic honor with your twin sister? let's ask kristy and insist canny, who are the first twins in spellman history to receive this honor. i'm going to keep you straight. kristy, you say you are more outgoing. kirstie, you are more direct and adventureous, but that is where the differences end. right? you're both going to be valedictorian. my goodness. congratulations on such a wonderful honor. >> thank you. >> gretchen: how did you both accomplish it at the same time?
5:25 am
>> we always studied together. so we knew the same information. we pretty much got the same grades on our quizes and tests and even our papers came out similarly without discussing them. sometimes we had the same points in our thesis statements. so we were right together the whole time. so we were very excited to share the honor. >> gretchen: you're both getting bachelor of arts in music, which is one of your passions. you want to go on to do what? >> actually both, family worship cathedral, being music directors, youth counseling. >> gretchen: wow. you already know what you're going to do in life. hats off to you on that. there is a lot of kids graduating who don't know. >> we'll also be writing a book together about the how to and how we did all this and recording an album of very christian music. >> gretchen: i can see while you were a straight a student, you were also diverse as well. so you have some buzz words that you suggest to other young kids about how to be successful. one of them, of course, is the
5:26 am
ultimate sacrifice. right? you had to work hard. you couldn't go out every night. >> also a balance to life. so we had to learn early in college that if you work all the time and you don't give yourself time to breathe and relax on the weekends, you'll be so stressed that you won't be able to really enjoy the journey. to we learned balance between our spiritual life and god, as well as our school work, our social life, our family, and also like really learning to trust in god. those were the keys throughout. >> gretchen: you even say that your faith played a huge role in how you studied for tests. >> definitely. >> gretchen: so you would actually say a prayer before you studied? >> yes. before we did homework. before we even practiced music. like not just quizes and tests, but before studying for homework, every little bit along the way. >> gretchen: it's a huge accomplishment and you were both home schooled and now you reached the pinnacle of the educational system. sunday afternoon, you will receive your degree. >> yes. >> gretchen: at spellman. wonderful news for both of you.
5:27 am
i hope you have great success. >> thank you. >> gretchen: music ministers as well. it's your father's church, right? >> yes. >> gretchen: continued success. coming up, brand-new information from cleveland this morning. ariel castro has no plans to confess and wait until you hear why. and we're celebrating lambourghini's 50th anniversary with a look inside this -- brian is now going to try and take it away? maria, speed off now while you can. >> brian: where are the keys? we need the keys. see ya used a contractor before and didn't know where to start. at angie's list, you'll find reviews on everything from home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. no company can pay to be on angie's list, so you can trust what you're reading. angie's list is like having thousands of close neighbors
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5:31 am
>> steve: now it's time for your shot of the morning. ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! we're celebrating lambourghini's 50th anniversary and maria molina is outside there with one of the head guys of lambourghini. >> that's right. good morning. that's right. we're outside our world headquarters here in new york city with the lambourghini and it's so much more than a beautiful sports car that you're seeing now on your screen. this is ultimate luxury in the automobile industry. right now joining me is the spokesperson for lambourghini and a regional manager here in the united states. you've just had a big event in
5:32 am
italy. tell me about that. >> yes. we're celebrating our 50th year, the car was founded in may 1963. and in our 50th year, we had a grand tour in italy with 350 cars traveling over 700 miles. >> over 700 miles. that's incredible. so across italy and the actual convoy you mentioned was about 2.5 miles long. so all the cars together. >> correct. >> what's the estimated price tag of all of those cars together? 350 cars times about -- >> this particular car is 246,000. we had 123 in the convoy. >> so that's a lot. let's estimate about 300,000 times 350 cars. can you guys do the math inside for us? >> i think so. but some of the cars will go up to 450,000. >> wow. >> for the open version.
5:33 am
>> what's inside this particular car? and how fast can it go? >> top speed on this car is 198. 0 to 62, we can do in 4.2 seconds. >> wow. >> and some of them can do that in 3.4 seconds. so there is some differences. we've got different versions of sports. it has an automatic drive modus. >> so i could drive this? >> you could absolutely drive this. by the time we get to the end of the line, you could drive this car. >> can we turn this on? >> sure. >> we're going to turn the car on now. this particular model is what? >> the gayatolp 550-2. ready? >> yeah. ready. wow. sounds impresssive. so we have to hold our brake down while we turn on the car. >> now you can hit the throttle and make some noise if you want to. >> how do i do that? >> hit the gas. >> okay. i actually already moved the chair up. >> there you go, see?
5:34 am
>> i don't know if i'm the best person to be here. >> there you go. >> wow. this is an amazing car. and the engine is located in the back. correct? >> yes. >> and this one is convertible, so the -- >> the top automatically folds down in a few seconds. >> wow, this is a beautiful car. let's head back inside. this is a beautiful car. anybody do the math on that? >> steve: it's a quarter of a million dollars, the ride you're in right there. rev it up just one more time. >> brian: what i'm getting, it's automatic, but yet it isn't. the shift is actually on the steering wheel? >> paddle shifting, right? >> yes. >> and so what does that really mean? >> it means you can drive -- you're keeping your hands on the steering wheel the entire time and shift up with the right side and down with the left. >> so basically i don't need to shift -- >> you don't need to move your hands at all. it has an automatic clutch. you have the brake pedal. >> steve: you'll be able to drive it home today.
5:35 am
congratulations. just write them a check. >> gretchen: why don't you try parallel parking that. >> brian: go ahead. >> gretchen, can you help me out with that? >> gretchen: only if there is a barrier behind us that we can crash into. >> it's not a car. >> gretchen: thanks a lot. now to your headlines for wednesday. on the one month anniversary of the boston bombings, the chief is taking heat over how he handled the attacks. 13 deputies declared a vote of no confidence in the chief. they claim he did not take command or show leadership when he showed up at the scene. they also say this isn't the first time he side stepped responsibility. cabrera said he physical the deputies had control of the scene and acted appropriately. >> steve: the guy accused of holding three women captive inside his house in cleveland has no plans to confess. ariel castro's lawyer says castro plans to plead not guilty if a grand jury indicts him on kidnapping and rape charges, among many others. he went on to say which thank castro is, quote, committed to the well-being of his daughter and if people find that to be a
5:36 am
disconnect from what he's allegedly done, then they'll just have to wait to deal with it. the girl's mother is one of the victims, amanda berry. >> brian: is turks and caicos conducting a shake down on american tourists. bill nelson thinks so. he says elderly tourists are being told they have bullets in their luggage. they get arrested and can only leave if they pay $4,000. one of the americans, an 80-year-old retired surgeon. >> says, we've never owned a gun except for shotgun and he hadn't fired that since three decades ago. so it has all the markings of a set-up. >> brian: wow. there was a guy from sandals, we should get him on. government officials from there says they're investigating the reports. >> steve: talk about a well dressed rescue. some florida teen-agers stopped to help crash victims on their
5:37 am
way to the prom. 20 teen-agers were riding in a limo when a van suddenly crashed in front of them. and flipped over. five adults and two children were trapped inside. the limo driver and the teen-agers rushed over to help. one person kicked in the window. another climbed on top of the van and pride open the doors. >> got some kids, hey, help me out. push the van up. we pushed the van and pulled the baby out. then we started pulling the mother out from the back of the truck. >> i saw a baby girl just laying there. i went to reach for her and that's when she turned around and said, take my baby. take my baby. >> steve: it could have been awful. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt and despite bloody dresses and tuxes, the teens still went on to their prom and had a nice night and what a story to tell. >> gretchen: yeah. never forget prom, but now you really won't ever forget it. all right. brian u get the chance to do some sports. >> brian: let me tell you what's going on. american trying to dribble a soccer ball 10,000 times to brazil tragically killed by a
5:38 am
truck. richard swanson from seattle is trying to reach brazil in time for the 2014 world cup. swanson was hit on the oregon coast. he was promoting the one world football project which donates soccer balls to developing countries. he was 42. the driver isn't facing charges. remember when david ortiz said this just days after the boston bombing? >> this is (bleep). >> brian: bob beckel, the only one not offended. one month later, he's accusing his language to raise money for victims. he teamed up with bat maker maruchi to sell souvenir bats. in addition to what he said, they will read never forget. boston strong, 4-15-13. they go for 125 bucks. 500 will get you a signed bat. prince harry will wrap up his u.s. trip with a polo match in connecticut of the he looks like an american baseball player. yesterday he was playing baseball with a group of kids in community center in harlem.
5:39 am
that big rbi program. he was being coached by the yankees mark texeira. he got three pitches and connected on every one. prince harry smacked one over the fence. he led them in baseball drills and i believe his foundation is going to be giving money to the rbi foundation in america's inner cities. he wowed everybody on this trip. coming up in 20 minutes on radio, donald rumsfeld leading, olympia snow on the fox news radio app and hopefully everywhere else. >> steve: meanwhile, three scandals in the same week. so is the white house being taken over by a culture of corruption or was it there all along? who is to blame? michael goodwin, the but let'ser prize winning columnist has ideas. >> gretchen: make ashley tisdale is here and says she doesn't have to make mistakes. her peers make meant of them we went out and asked people a simple question:
5:40 am
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5:43 am
>> gretchen: o. j. simpson back in court expected to take the stand. dave lawrence is outside the courthouse right now. what can you tell us? >> the juice is loose with a popular saying when o. j. simpson played football. now he's trying to get loose from prison. that is the focus of this whole situation this week in las vegas. will he get a brand-new trial?
5:44 am
simpson claims his legal defense failed him in 2008 in his conviction in las vegas for armed robbery and kidnapping that sent him to prison for nine to 33 years. simpson was granted this week long hearing to determine if he deserves a new trial. one victory he did get is his left hand was able to be unshackled so he could take notes during court. that happened on tuesday. this morning will be a milestone in his lengthy courtroom pass, he'll testify under oath on his own behalf for the first time ever. so part of the focus of this is his former miami attorney. he's expected to testify later this week. gretchen, back to you. >> gretchen: all right. we'll have to see what he has to say when he takes the stand. thanks so much. let's go over to steve. >> steve: thanks. the obama administration in damage control mode this morning after being hit with a trio of scandals, from the irs targeting of conservative groups to the more recent revelation that the department of justice seized records without warrant from the associated press, phone records. do these scandals reveal a
5:45 am
pattern ofs straight to the white house? let's talk to new york post columnist michael goodwin, plus throw theroux in benghazi and obamacare and your headline is oh, scandals take the nation by storm. >> steve, the idea is that any one of these things would be enough to be a real scandal on their own. when they pile up like this in such quick success, then you really have a pattern that goes to the heart of the administration. you can't isolate them, blame them on this one, that one. but fundamentally, this is about the administration itself and i conclude it's both corrupt and incompetent. >> steve: the thing that the president has always had going for him with his personal popularity is the fact that people trusted him. now it looks like people in his administration, we don't know how high it goes, have told a bunch of lies. >> yeah. you're right about this sort of he could defy political gravity because there was a personal appeal where they liked him, they wanted him to succeed. and in fact, i think that's why largely one of the reasons he
5:46 am
was reelected. but once you see here at this stage of where his policies have been in place for more than four years, all of his appointees have been out there, there has been plenty of time for the bureaucracy to reflect his views on things, and so what you have then are a succession of scandals that reflect his policies and his ideas and his people and so then when the scandals hit and the press secretary is caught sort of being evasive, sketchy, making things up as you go along, all the credibility evaporates and finally just this thing with the associated press with the justice department seizing their phone records without telling them, it goes i think to a lot of obama's base, which is the press. so if you're going to go after the associated press, why not the "new york times," too? maybe they already have. so i think there is a lot of fear and loathing right now in that press room in washington. >> steve: how does the white house reward the main stream media for being lap dogs? by confiscating their phone records. it's crazy. we were talking how politico,
5:47 am
which is for the most part a lefty blog, their headline today, the town is turning on president obama and this is very bad news for this white house. and in particular, if the press and the press corp, that's been his base. he would be in hot water. >> oh, sure. look, and one of the things that's happened in washington, this president never really had personal relations with republicans. that was one of the problems why he could never make a big deal in the budget with john boehner. it turns out he doesn't have real relations with democrats either. he doesn't talk to people, doesn't have them over. doesn't listen to them at all. it's very much above them, holier than thou as politico puts out in that piece. now when the president is isolated by these scandals, there is nobody rushing in to help him. nobody rush to go defend him because he has no real friends. fortunately or unfortunately, that's how washington works and if you burn all your bridges, then those people can't get to you when you need them. >> steve: looks like vindication for people who had been warning
5:48 am
about him all along. great column in the new york post today. michael, we thank you very much. >> thank you. >> steve: 12 minutes before the top of the hour. next up, from disney star to making max em's top 100 hottest list, our old buddy, ashley tisdale is here. good morning. you're next. first let's check in with bill hemmer. he's on after ashley. >> i have to follow ashley. she be the warm-up act. big morning here. senator john mccain on the irs scandal, the latest on benghazi. he's here live on our program. is the story about the talking points changing yet again? season hayes tackles that. also, what a story, a girl escapes kidnapping by jumping from the trunk of a car and why you need to know what's happening on the surface of the sun. martha and i will see new 11 minutes [ male announcer ] someone said that it couldn't be done. but he with a chuckle replied
5:49 am
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5:52 am
>> brian: connection with millions of professionals where apparently there is frisky business happening on "lincoln." the site changing its rules after finding some members were promote attention escort services and prostitution. linkedin saying even if it's legal where you live, you can't create a profile who promotes it. get your ticket, 360 million reasons to play powerball today. if no one hits the jackpot tonight t could reach $587.5 million. i have a hunch everybody is going to win. >> gretchen: everybody is going to play probably. >> steve: we're all winners. >> gretchen: this disney channel starlet has come a long way from high school musical. she graced the cover of max immagazine and has a lead role in "conveyery movie 5" examination and running her own production company. >> brian: when is she going to get it together? she's 27. ashley tisdale, welcome. >> thank you. >> brian: out of all that, what
5:53 am
matters most to you? >> oh, my gosh. family, family matters to me. >> steve: good answer. >> yeah. >> gretchen: speaking of family, how have you stayed away from some of the pill foughts of some of your other peers. it seems like when we have childhood stars on the show, sometimes they run into difficulty as they enter into adulthood. >> yeah, definitely my family. my parents have always been super supportive and have always grounded me. i worked in clothing stores, besides doing what i love to do which is hacking. so yeah. i have to thank them. >> brian: you have to keep your childhood as normal as possible. >> yeah, definitely. i've been in the business since i was three, but i had a really normal childhood. >> steve: did you have a picture of danny bonaduce on your wall with a great big, don't be like this? >> steve: we love the partridge family. we first learned of you in disney and requests high school musical." now adult movies. "conveyery movie 5".
5:54 am
>> adult movie. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: after we just said how clean you were! >> yes. okay. it's been really fun and "conveyery movie" was great time. i had so much fun doing it. >> steve: were you scared watching it? >> no. it's just a comedy. [ laughter ] i definitely a couple laughs. >> gretchen: so you made us all hungry 'cause you brought all these snacks. >> i know. >> gretchen: what's crackerjack? >> i partnered with crackerjack. it's such a good snack. i'm always on the go and i like to lead a healthy lifestyle, but i always love some cute sweet snacks. and i'll be at madison square park hanging with fans and having them try it for the first time. >> steve: you're going to hand it out to the folks? >> yeah. take pictures and hang out. >> steve: very nice. >> brian: is there a price?
5:55 am
>> no, there isn't. >> the price is you get to meet me. >> brian: i would like a stick on tattoo, please. >> gretchen: what do you make of this maxim magazine cover? let's face it, you look really hot on this cover. and now you're number 7 on the whole list of 100, i guess. how do you manage like the expectations of fans when they know you from disney, which is this wholesome thing, then you go to maxim? i guess you have to grow up, but do you give a loft thought into the image and everything? >> yeah, i definitely feel i'm 27 now and i feel like my audience has grown with me. and it kind of was perfect just 'cause "scary movie 5" was coming out. i work hard and i work out. so it's cool. being number 7 is just my lucky number, so i remember being like, oh, my god, that's so awesome. but i don't pay attention to all that stuff. >> brian: by the way, you know
5:56 am
maxim magazine, the military loves it. number one magazine. >> that's awesome. cool. >> steve: of course, the kids love the disney channel and you're at that age and all that. do you keep track of all the other disney alumni? some have done well. some not so well. >> you know, i definitely feel -- i have a lot of friends that are in that, kind of like a weird high school because like i feel -- i have one point where we were like the seniors in high school, then there were the younger ones, like selena. >> gretchen: you learned from some of the mistakes they made? >> i mean, i think everybody has their own past, you know. i feel like i just kind of learned from my own mistakes, i guess. >> brian: for us, we watch bill hemmer and we learned a lot from him. >> steve: he's on in three minutes. >> awesome. >> steve: check her out, handing out crackerjack later today. >> nice to meet you. >> brian: great to meet you. >> steve: we'll be back in three
5:57 am
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6:00 am
>> brian: a big show tomorrow. landon donovan, right in the middle. >> steve: michelle malkin will be live from the great state in colorado. >> gretchen: for me, bob massi. >> and anna kooiman bill: good morning. fox's alert on the scandal of the irs targeting certain groups widening. there is a report that the irs had a so-called look theout list and they were department in limbo for years. martha: good to have you back. here is the latest on this. the justice department and the fbi opened cri

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